Missouri’s Unemployment Rate Decreases Slightly

Data that was released  by MERIC, the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center revealed that Missouri nonfarm employment showed little change last month compared to March. Their report stated that the state’s seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate went down by a tenth of a percentage point. The April rate was 4.1 percent, compared to 4.2 percent the previous month. Missouri’s , seasonally adjusted, unemployment rate went up by 600 jobs in April compared to March, but the state’s labor market showed a raise of nearly  a quarter-million jobs between April 2020 and April 2021. Officials with the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations said 6,489 state residents submitted initial unemployment claims during that same week, marking the first time there were less than 7,000 jobless claims in the state in more than a year. This was also, the third consecutive week the number of initial claims for unemployment benefits also went down in the state.

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