New City Hall Project Moving Along on Schedule

Cape Girardeau city officials say the new City Hall project t is running right on schedule. Construction started in June to renovate the former Carnegie Library and 165-year old Common Pleas Courthouse on North Lorimier Street into a new City Hall. A brand new structure will connect the two buildings.  Officials say they expect construction to be completed by October 1, 2021. Recently, Penzel Construction crews have started putting in new windows in the Carnegie Library building.  Officials expect the Common Pleas Courthouse will have windows sometime next month. Officials say crews will soon begin re-doing the steps leading to the Common Pleas Courthouse building from North Spanish Street. The new steps will be almost the same as the one’s now. The structure connecting the two historic buildings will have offices, a reception area, and a City Council chambers. The construction crew recently poured concrete floors and began d framing the building’s outside wall’s. The council chamber will be bigger than the one at the current City Hall. It will have technology that is better, officials say. In addition, two cameras and two new microphones will be included. The project also includes the addition of a new multilevel parking garage to the south of the buildings.  The ground floor will have employee parking with a tunnel leading to City Hall’s basement. The top floor is assigned for public parking and will lead to the main entrance. The project started with a budget of $12 million. It went up $12.5 million earlier this year after the project involved an unexpected bedrock excavation. It also pushed the project’s completion date from September 1, 2021 to October1, 2021.

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