Gas Prices Remain High But There’s No Shortage in the Local Area

Across the state the average cost of regular unleaded fuel went up by seven cents last week, as some Missourians start to worry about fuel availability.  Data from AAA Missouri Weekend Gas Watch, revealed that Missourians are paying $2.76 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel, a price that is $1.24 higher than a year ago. Within the local area gas prices are below the national and state average. Average gas prices in Scott County are $2.730 while the average in Mississippi County is $2.727 and $2.715 in New Madrid County. Stoddard County gas prices on average are $2.670 as revealed by Missouri Weekend Gas Watch. The national average is likely to continue to see fluctuation in the coming days and states where prices have spiked will see some relief as the pipeline becomes fully operational. Drivers in Missouri continue to pay some of the cheapest prices at the pump, raking 5th  lowest in the country, according to AAA Gas Prices.


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