State of Illinois Currently Having Major CCL, FOID Card Backlog

When it comes to owning a gun in the state of Illinois individuals will soon find out that the state has of the strictest guidelines in the nation. Citizens who have been waiting n firearm owner identification cards or conceal and carry licenses are taking note of a major delay. A state senator said that The real resolution is ensuring that the state gets all of them caught up that the state has a system in place that’s fair to everyone. The Illinois State Police is falling behind on conceal carry background checks and firearm owners’ identification cards. A senator also said State police are hiring more individual’s process the applications to assist in the effort to combat this major backlog. This is the five year mark for the first group of Illinois residents who applied for conceal carry licenses in  Illinois, but a senator said here are two bills in the works with the goal of preventing future backlogs. One is House Bill 1091. The other is Senate 1165 Floor Amendment 1. Senators called he backlog, in her words. Officials with the FBI say nearly 4.3 million gun background checks have been completed since January in the state of Illinois.



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