Ameren Missouri Designates an Extra $3.5 Million to Assist Low Income Custemers Affected by Pandemic

Ameren Missouri is designating an extra l $3.5 million to assist their low-income customers impacted by the coronavirus. Ameren Missouri has worked with the Missouri Public Service Commission and Office of Public Counsel to assist customers who are eligible.

Ameren Missouri will use the $3.5 million in three ways:

$1.3 million will be utilized to make a new energy efficiency program for eligible low-income customers.

$1 million will be distributed to assist a network of local energy assistance agencies that distribute energy assistance funds to customers who are in need. For the first time, Ameren Missouri will distribute energy-efficiency products to 2,100 low-income customers across Missouri.

The customers who will receive funding were identified based on a variety of need indicators and will be contacted directly by Ameren Missouri.  Customers who are participating will receive a DIY home kit with a variety of energy-saving products worth up to $250. These kits are designed for customers to install on their own, with an energy specialist on hand to answer questions and help over the phone. Once they are put in, customer will be eligible for a one-time, $150 credit on their energy statement. All of the kits will contain a smart thermostat, LED bulbs, advanced power strip, aerators, pipe and window insulation, foam weather stripping and door corner pads. Whether or not someone qualifies for the program  , all customers can access many of the items in the DIY kits for a low cost on Ameren’s website. Energy assistance is available to Ameren Missouri customers who need help paying their bills.

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