Spokesman for the Cape Girardeau Police Department Says Violent Crime Accountability is Mandate

Officials with the Cape Girardeau Police Department say Cape Girardeau police perform better than many of their peers in holding accountable those who commit violent crimes. They say the crime rate in Cape Girardeau is comparable to most other cities of similar size in the region but Cape Girardeau’s police officers and detectives have a clearance percentage for violent crime that’s “considerably higher” than the national average. Officials say the city has professional patrol division that is very proactive and highly-engaged with the community they serve. Officials recommend that  residents minimize their chances of falling prey to crime by utilizing situational-awareness techniques and recognizing early signs of a potentially dangerous situation. They say if citizens feel that something is not right, it may not be right and residents should trust their instincts. They say residents should call the police Also, call the police when a crime occurs, speak with responding officers and assist them properly so they can  investigate and solve these crimes so these suspects can’t continue to freely operate as repeat offenders within the community.



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