The Unemployment Rate in Cape Girardeau County Remained the Same in March

Data from the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations revealed that the unemployment rate in Cape Girardeau County remained at 5.3 percent for the second month in a row in March. The county’s unemployment rate is higher than at any time in the past half year. It is just over a full percentage point above the county’s unemployment rate of 4.2 percent at the start of the pandemic. The county’s unemployment rate last month was within the four percent to six percent range and several economists consider full employment, the point at which there are an adequate number of employment seekers available to fill available job openings. There were only 276 initial claims for unemployment benefits filed in Cape Girardeau County last month, more than fifty fewer than in February and the lowest number of initial filings since February of last year when there were just 139 first-time benefit claims.

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