The City of Cape Girardeau implements a new false alarm reduction plan

Every year, the Cape Girardeau Police Department and the Cape Girardeau Fire Department respond to thousands of false alarm calls. These false alarm responses are a considerable drain on manpower and drastically divert resources away from responding to legitimate calls for service and emergency situations. The goal of this program is to minimize this burden upon our public safety personnel and reduce the rising annual costs of these responses to the general public. In the last year alone, Cape Girardeau police and fire personnel have responded to over 2,300 alarms within the city limits and over 95% of these calls were confirmed to be false alarms. The majority of these false alarms are the result of user error, installation error and/or equipment error. Some alarm holders have allowed for over forty false alarm occurrences at their site within a single year.In an effort to decrease this large number of false alarm calls, the City of Cape Girardeau has initiated a new program aimed at promoting responsible and accurate alarm system usage. Any business or residence that is equipped with an alarm system that dispatches emergency personnel to their location must now register their alarm within 10 days of installation.  Alarm owners may register their alarms through two different methods.

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