Electronic Filing Is Now Fully Operational for the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission

Filing and case management are now fully paperless processes for the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC). The cloud-based system, called CompFile, allows for filing and processing of court documents completely electronically. The extensive project, which came to fruition during the tenure of Chairman Michael J. Brennan, was completed while operations were severely restricted because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. CompFile was introduced to the Illinois workers’ compensation community incrementally. During the first release, which launched in February 2020, CompFile users registered their law firms and set up accounts. July 2020 brought the second release, which allowed for settlement contracts to be drafted, signed, and approved electronically. CompFile users experienced a drastic decrease in approval times, as CompFile eliminated the necessity for paper settlement contracts to be circulated by mail. The third release of CompFile, which began on April 21, 2021, incorporates applications, motions, decisions, and reviews, as well as improvements to the electronic settlements process based on user feedback. Comprehensive electronic filing and case management now has become a reality for the IWCC. Throughout the design and implementation phases of the CompFile project, the CompFile team utilized input from key stakeholders including attorneys, legal assistants, arbitrators, commissioners and other IWCC employees. Following the second release, feedback from CompFile users was collected and logged as the team worked towards new improvements to electronic settlements and an optimal design for the third release. In addition to providing the right functionality, delivering a positive user experience has been a fundamental principle in the creation of CompFile.The impact to everyday activities caused by recent global events underscores the ever-increasing need to utilize current technology for communication and work operations. As in-person interactions are still limited, the IWCC is utilizing technology as much as possible to facilitate the final transition to completely paperless processes including training webinars, YouTube videos and other readily available updates and instructional materials posted on the CompFile Implementation webpage, www.iwcc.il.gov/compfile. For direct assistance, CompFile support persons can be reached via email at wcc.compfile@illinois.gov. Electronic filing and case management will increase efficiency for the IWCC and those who rely on it by expediting processing, providing continual access, and reducing storage and mailing costs. The new system has made it possible to accomplish in one day what previously required weeks. Given that the IWCC processes tens of thousands of applications, settlements, motions and other filings every year, CompFile is allowing the IWCC to better serve the public by significantly expediting the resolution of cases.

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