Leaders of Local Church Look to Future after Fire

The Cape Girardeau Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints caught fire on Sunday night, April 18. The building suffered extensive damage on the inside and several sections of the roof were gone. A homeless man is facing a hate crime charge, as well as arson in connection to the fire. Now it is up to members of the congregation and church leadership to decide what comes next. One of the leaders said that this crime won’t prevent them from worshiping together and it is a building and it will be rebuilt. The leaders are currently searching for a place for their people to hold services. They say they will look to see if perhaps there’s another church that would allow them to meet there or perhaps there’s another facility that they can rent in the short term until they are able to rebuild. With support from the local community, leaders say they’re ready to move on and that’s what is important to them now, building up for the future. They say the church is fully insured, so coming up with the money to rebuild won’t be a problem.

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