City of Cape Girardeau Still Waiting on American Rescue Plan Funding

Officials with the Missouri Municipal League say that The City of Cape Girardeau is expected to obtain $7.47 million following the passage of the American Rescue Plan, also called   the COVID-19 Stimulus Package, by the 117th Congress. President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion ARP into law on March 11, 2021 with a goal of accelerating the health and recovery effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. Officials say the money has not been received yet and the way they understand it is that the city will receive guidance and restrictions from federal agencies and it’s better to wait before making any decisions about dividing up the funding. Officials say the problem with getting to far ahead in the process is that money gets spent sometimes then (later) in the audit they come back and say, the money can’t be used for that and then it has to be paid back on the taxpayers’  expense and the city is being careful not to do that.  Officials with the National League of Cities (NLC), say ARP funds are to be split between municipalities and counties, with the first of two installment plans to be received within sixty days of the ARP becoming law and the remainder a year after the first payment is made. Officials say the funds ds may be used in the following ways:

Respond to the  coronavirus or its resultant negative economic effects.  Provide services that are equal to the amount of revenue lost because of COVID 19, among others.

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