The Most Recent Sales Tax Revenue in Cape Girardeau County Reflects Strong Activity in Retail

Retail sales in Cape Girardeau County seem to be stronger than they have ever been if the sales tax is any sign of this. County officials reported last week that the county’s sales tax for this month totaled $626,890.46. This total was mostly a reflection of the sales tax that was collected by the state last month and the entire total amount of sales tax collected by Cape Girardeau County so far in 2021 is $2,626,762.56.  This is almost 0.4 percent more than the sales tax received by Cape Girardeau County at this time last year that would become a record year for the county’s sales tax, with almost $7.8 million brought forth. Cape Girardeau County’s used tax on out-of-state and online purchases is continuing to make up a heightened percentage of Cape Girardeau County’s monthly revenue. Data collected by county officials has revealed that Cape County’s 1.5 percent use-tax revenue in April was $211,827.95.  Through the first quarter of this year the use tax has already topped $1 million ($1,031,856.82) and is over half way to surpassing last year’s use-tax record of about $1.8 million.

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