Cape Girardeau County Commissioners Receive Last Year’s Annual Report from Riverside Regional Library

Cape Girardeau County commissioners received the 2020 annual report from Riverside Regional Library on Thursday. Officials told the commissioners they were very pleased about the fact they were able to stay open when the statewide shutdown ended. Officials say they even increased their hours, services and their providing for the communities they serve. They say the numbers are getting higher more and more as the libraries open up later in the evening and they are having more traffic and circulation. Riverside also started a free summer lunch program last year for families in need. Riverside was also awarded two grants a summer reading grant worth $9,637 for an eight-week all-ages summer program and a technology mini-grant worth $17,748 for their network improvement project.  In addition, Riverside also received $28,278.13 worth of state help in Cape Girardeau County, $9,485.50 in Perry County and $11,141.50, along with $12,014.77 in state equalization aid, in Scott County.




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