Capaha Parks Rose Garden to be Restarted This Summer

The Rose Garden in Cape Girardeau’s Capaha Park that was started back in 1954 will be coming back, but it’s going to take a little while, officials say. Rosebushes were taken out from the site on January 11, 2021, but not before some roses were saved and preserved by residents in the local area. Officials say the garden has been in disrepair for a while and local clubs have had a difficult time with maintenance and this is partly because there hasn’t been quality soil there for many years. Two groups have worked on the 67-year-old plot for several years the Ramblewood Garden Club and the Four Seasons Garden Club. In addition, members of the Southeast Missouri State University Horticulture Club have also taken interest in the Rose Garden. Officials say they are hoping to get the infrastructure (of the garden) finished sometime this summer, weather permitting. They also say there will be raised stone beds and the memorial stones will go “back to the way they were originally. One goal, that is guiding the whole Capaha Park Master Plan, of which the Rose Garden is a part, is accessibility and the garden is currently on a slope, so it will be leveled out a bit to make it compliant with ADA (Americans with Disability Act), officials say. Officials say roses will still be the main focus he garden is restarted, visitors should expect to see “new native grasses, sculptures and other things.

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