The Race for the Cape Girardeau Public Health Board is Yet to be Decided

The race for the Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center Board of Trustees was decided by a single vote for a single candidate, but the results have yet to become official. Candidate Eric Becking, narrowly beat out Emily Collins for the third and final seat, 1,593 to 1,592. Officials say this number could change by Friday when they certify the results because there are certain things that happen on election day such as provisional ballots that they still have to add in and there are certain things they are required to do such as recounting two precincts randomly. They say when they do a hand-count versus a machine count there could be a little adjustment there. A recount could happen if the losing candidate petitions the circuit court and the vote difference has to be less than one half of one percent after it is certified. There was also a lower voter turnout for the General Municipal Election than what was expected bringing in a low 8.57 percent of registered voters. Officials say local elections can come down to a low number of votes to decide a contest and these local boards have more of an impact on the daily lives of citizens directly, so it’s disappointing to see that such a low number of people turned out to vote.

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