Managed Deer Hunt in Cape Girardeau Will Happen This Fall

A petition to bring the approved urban deer hunt to the popular vote fell short of the required number of signatures. Cape Girardeau’s charter revealed that a minimum of 2,383 valid signatures — were needed to get a repeal referendum on the ballot. The deadline to obtain the signatures was at the close of business Monday, March 29, 2021. The Cape Girardeau City Council gave their approval on February 15, 2021 for the hunt, to be held from November 1, through December 15, 2021 in four separate areas of Cape Girardeau within Ward 1: Twin Trees, Delaware Park, Fountain Park and Cape Rock. Petitioners said it was not fair that they had to raise signatures during COVID 19 and be required to receive this number of signatures but it is  specified in the city’s charter. The 4-1 vote to approve the managed deer hunt this fall, came after council members changed the ordinance in many ways most importantly that the authorization to hunt in the designated areas will expire at the end of the year. Officials say, this is a one-year managed hunt to see how it goes so it can be evaluated and see if it’s effective and the city will go from there and if they want to do this again next year they have to come back to council and pass it again.

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