Intersection Close to Jefferson Elementary Now a Four-Way Stop

An intersection that is close to Jefferson Elementary was recently changed to a permanent four-way stop. Until, just recently the intersection of Bloomfield Road and Minnesota Street was a two-way stop that changed to a four-way stop during school pick-up and drop-off hours. School officials were in charge of flipping the stop sign up and down before and after the pick-up and drop-off hours during school days. City officials say back in December of last year a Jefferson Elementary parent who also lives in the neighborhood suggested to them that the intersection close to the school could function better and be safer as a continuous four-way stop. Officials also say there have been several complaints about the intersection from parents and residents over the years. City officials did a study on the intersection and had a discussion with Cape Girardeau Public School administrators who approved of this idea. On February 2, the Cape Girardeau City Council approved the four-way stop and it was implemented on March 25. The insertion of the permanent stop sign makes it clearer for motorists to know how this intersection functions.  The stop signs were not on a specific schedule and were frequently  ran through by motorists on Bloomfield Road.  The new permanent stop signs have large orange  flags o motorists will notice the changes.





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