City of Cape Girardeau Begins Spanish Street Project

The city of Cape Girardeau has started its Spanish Street Project. The project started on Monday and it includes asphalt milling and overlay of the streets downtown. This project is divided into nine separate work areas, keeping the closures to a minimum. City officials will be closing one side of a street at a given time, except the two week period when the intersection of Independence and Spanish will be completely closed. No on-street parking will be allowed in the work areas, Monday through Friday beginning at day break until 3:30.p.m. Officials say their goal is to s for Broadway, Main and Spanish streets to look the same. Officials say it will be simpler to access because right now there are some areas of the sidewalk where its buckled and broken and so the new sidewalk will be really nice and smooth. Along with the new sidewalks e lights will soon match the LED ones over on Main Street. Officials say they are improving the landscaping as well and then they’ll be doing a mill and overlay on the street. The total price tag of the project is $1.6 million and the goal is to have it completed by August.

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