There were Fewer Violent Crimes Committed in Cape Girardeau Last Year

The Cape Girardeau City Council had a meeting on Monday night and the Gape Girardeau Police Department released the numbers for violent crime. Evan though the national trends are showing crime was on rise during the pandemic year , Cape Girardeau County had fewer violent crimes, traffic accidents, and call for service were down. The number of murders in Cape Girardeau went down by fifty percent year to year and just three were reported last year. There were fewer robberies with twenty-seven reported last year and domestic assaults were down by twenty-six percent. There were eight more assaults last year than in 2019 at 136 inside city limits. Police also say he fewer number of injury accidents, dropping from 474 in 2019 to 294 last year, was probably due to fewer people on the road because of coronavirus restrictions. Calls to police were also down, dropping 16 percent in 2020 from the previous year.

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