The Jackson R-2 School Board Approves Early Childhood Program and Counseling Evaluations

Members of the Jackson R-2 School Board recently gave their approval to an evaluation of the district-wide comprehensive counseling program during their meeting last Tuesday. School counselors from many different schools made presentations during the meeting in regards to their counseling curriculum and additional duties. On the elementary level, one of the ways the counselors have assisted in protecting students is through the Green Bear Project that receives funding through SEMO-NASV. It is a sexual abuse prevention program which provides developmentally appropriate education on abuse. Parents have the option of opting out of this program, but it is strongly recommended that students take part in the program. Education on sexual abuse is continued at the secondary level with both middle school and junior high students having discussions with counselors about what that will look like as they have their first relationships. In addition, they also worked with students on ways to interact with others on the internet in a safe manner. Additionally, students who are currently enrolled in junior high and high school are also educated on suicide prevention.

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