A Couple of Missouri House Bills Aim to Better Protect Healthcare Workers

Evan before COVID was declared global pandemic, healthcare workers faced dangers on the job and now a couple of bills in the Missouri House of Representatives have a focus of protecting them from workplace violence, and hold those that hurt them accountable. Local healthcare workers say they’ve been punched, kicked, spit on and had to take verbal abuse and if something doesn’t happen each day then it occurs every other day. House Bill 1022 makes penalties  for disrupting  all operations that are related to healthcare and ambulance services and House Bill 398 requires that all hospitals to make workplace violence prevention plans. Local healthcare workers say that they are first responders; health care workers and they deserve to have this type of protection and they think it is a good thing. Officials say, up to 38 percent of all healthcare workers suffer from workplace violence. Local healthcare workers say they will support anything that will help keep them safe. Lawmakers introduced these two bills this year and so far both have had a public hearing.

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