Sales Tax Revenue in Cape Girardeau County is Increasing

Officials with the Cape Girardeau County Treasurer’s office recently released data that revealed that after falling slightly in the first two months of this year, sales tax receipts in Cape Girardeau County rebounded greatly this month. Just over $775,000 in sales tax revenue was deposited in the county’s treasury this month, which is an increase of over twenty-one percent in comparison to February’s sales tax total of $611,856.63 and it was 5.9 percent more than the total the county received at the same point last year. Marche’s deposit brought Cape Girardeau County’s year-to-date sales tax total to just below two million, ($1,999,872.10), about 1.9 percent below the sales tax amount received in the first quarter of last year, ($2,037,702.68) in what was a record-setting year for county sales tax revenue. Officials also reported the county received a total of $775,057.83 this month in its Proposition One tax and $768,677.92 via the county’s Law Enforcement/Public Safety sales tax that was put into effect last fall.

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