Mask Mandate in Cape Girardeau County Has Been Repealed

The Cape Girardeau County mask mandate was lifted after nearly eight long months. Members of the Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center Board of Trustees conducted special session through zoom on Monday to discuss the current mask mandate in Cape Girardeau. During the meeting, the Board of Trustees repealed the mask mandate and they unanimously passed the mandate to highly recommend to wearing masks in all public settings and this new order goes into effect immediately. Evan though the mask mandate was lifted individual businesses and churches can require Individuals to wear a mask. Larger retailers can also require their customers to wear a mask due to company safety requirements for all their employees. The original mandate went into effect back on July 13, 2020, but there was not a set amount of time for the mandate. During their meeting in October, the trustees said the Emergency Face Covering order would be lifted if one of the following three provisions is met:

  1. A coronavirus vaccine became widely available to the members of the general public
  2. A very effective and relatively low cost therapeutic treatment for the coronavirus becomes widely available.
  3. The viral lab test positivity for Cape Girardeau County positivity rate isless than five percent for two weeks  and the rolling 14 day case count of new COVID-19 cases is less than 200 for two weeks ‘

Health officials say the county met two of the three criteria in lifting the mask mandate and they were in favor of repealing the mask mandate because of the following data:

Twenty percent of the population has received a vaccination monoclonal antibody treatments are more available and widely utilized and the number of cases has gone down.

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