Illinois Residents Encouraged to Register for V-safe After Vaccination Health Checker

As more Illinois residents become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is encouraging those who receive a COVID-19 vaccination to utilize the V-safe After Vaccination Health Checker (v-safe).  Developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), v-safe allows individuals who have received their first vaccination to get a text sent to their smartphone to remind them it’s time for their second shot.  For those who receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a second dose is not needed. The V-safe After Vaccination Health Checker is a free program that also allows people to communicate directly with the CDC regarding any potential side-effects they may experience.  Depending on the answer, someone from the CDC may call to check on the individual and get more information.  If any serious health problems are reported, they can be investigated quickly by CDC’s medical experts and scientists.  What the CDC learns from people’s experiences will be used to safeguard the nation’s vaccination program.V-safe employs strict security measures to ensure your personal information is protected, confidential, and private.  Your participation is voluntary and you can opt-out at any time.  However, if you would like to participate in v-safe, you must sign up within 42-hours of getting your first COVID-19 vaccine dose.  To learn more about, or register for, V-safe After Vaccination Health Checker, visit


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