Cape Girardeau City Officials Have Proposed Idea for Marina on Mississippi River

Anyone who has ever gone by the riverfront in downtown Cape Girardeau, they’ve probably seen boats traveling up and down the Mississippi River and plans are now being made to draw those boaters into Cape Girardeau. Those who are river tourists who make their way down the Mississippi River may see that there are not that many places to gas up their boats in-between St. Louis and Memphis. City officials say constructing a marina and docking facility, like the one in Paducah, could attract new people to Cape Girardeau. They say it could take awhile to get this project done, but they think it is important that they construct one for the downtown area and the community. Officials believe this project will help boost business in the city.  Paducah city officials say in 2019, the transient boat dock served a total of 332 boats for a total of 516 nights and it draws individuals to the riverfront o see the boats, to see the river and how it’s utilized and it also brings people from other communities to the city and to explore the downtown from the water.

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