Cape Girardeau City Officials Have Started Repairing Potholes

The snow on the ground is gone, and now that there has been warmer weather in Cape Girardeau crews with the public works department have begun repairing potholes caused by the recent winter weather. Officials are advising local residents to report any type of pothole they may come across by calling the department’s mainline directly, at (573) 339-6351, and leave a voicemail if they call during non business hours. Another way to notify the public works department of potholes is to log onto the city of Cape Girardeau’s website and click on I Want To” from the task bar in the upper right-hand corner and under the “Report” dropdown menu,  click on Potholes and Road Hazards. Officials say the freeze-thaw cycle is the reason for the majority of potholes and over the past week the weather went from the freezing weather to the rain, and the water gets underneath the pavement and it has a tendency to increase the potholes. Officials also say over the winter season the cold patch is the best option the Cape Girardeau Public Works Department currently has and their pothole truck can only be utilized from April to September.  There is only one employee of the city who lays down hot emulsion every business day for half a year and once September is over that employee focuses on leaf blowing.  The Cape Girardeau Public Works Department is currently responsible for 233 miles of city streets as well as 22 miles of alleyways, around the same distance as a commute to St. Louis and back again. Officials say there are several potholes following this winter weather and the latest episode and repeated plowing complicated things. They also say several people report the same problem, but once they report a problem they don’t have to call back. Officials say they are going to address them as quickly as they can.

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