Missouri Governor Mike Parsons Releases Remaining$280.7Million in the States Budget for Restricted Funding

Because of stronger economic estimations in the state Governor Mike Parson recently released the remaining $280,783,940 in Fiscal Year 2021 funds back into the state’s budget. When the COVID 19 pandemic began, around $438 million in Fiscal Year 2021 spending wasrepressed to ensure the state stayed within a budget affected bythe current pandemic. Whenever the restrictions were made, the state’s s unemployment rate was estimated to be around 16.3 percent. As of Monday, the current unemployment rate stands at 5.8 percent. In addition to a decreasing unemployment rate, officials reported that Missouri’s s net general revenue collections for January of this year increased by 18.3 percent to $1.02 billion compared to $860.7 million in 2020. Back in January, Governor Parsons released a total of $117,460,583 in general revenue and over $38 million in October. Some of the Missouri agencies that will be receiving the remainder of the FY21 restrictions include the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development and the Department of Revenue.

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