Southeast Missouri State University Won’t Require COVID Vaccine for Fall Semester

As students at Southeast Missouri State University receive their housing assignments for the approaching fall semester, there’s always a question of what tasks they have to finish prior to moving in. As of right now, students won’t be required to receive the vaccine for COVID 19 before they move into their dormitories this fall, officials say. Officials say they are not trying to create barriers for students to get to campus in terms of medical requirements. They also say because the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are only currently approved under emergency use there are currently questions as to whether the vaccine can be mandated legally outside of healthcare facilities. Officials say Southeast Missouri State University  currently takes a minimal approach to requiring vaccinations, but   the meningitis vaccine is  mandatory by state law and is the only shot needed for students to move on campus and athletic or degree programs like healthcare could require extra vaccination, but the university avoids putting mass vaccine requirements on their students.  Although not required, the university encourages their students to keep up with other recommended vaccinations. Officials say the more students and staff they can get vaccinated, the sooner the university can get back to business. The university does not plan to become a vaccine provider, but officials anticipate working alongside the Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center and State of Missouri to provide facilities for vaccination events, if necessary. As of February 20, a total of 598 student cases of COVID-19 have been reported on campus. There are currently two active student cases and zero students living in quarantine housing.

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