Paducah Man Killed in Plane Crash was Indicted in Opioid Fight

The Paducah man who was killed in a plane crash northeast of Mayfield was set to go to trial in federal court in Knoxville on March 23, 2021. Sixty-year-old Dr. Henry D. Babenco was indicted by a federal grand jury two years ago on a charge of conspiracy to distribute Schedule II controlled drugs. At the time, he worked at LaFollette Wellness Center in Lafollette, Tennessee. He was one of eight people indicted in Tennessee and dozens nationwide in the fight against illegal prescribing and distribution of opioids and other drugs. His plane crashed Monday in a field near the intersection of Twin Hill Road and Spence Chapel Road, just north of I-69 and less than a mile from the north end of the Mayfield Graves Count Airport runway.

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