Members of the Cape Girardeau School Board Receive Notification of Charter School Legislation

A couple of new bills are currently making it through the Missouri General Assembly and widening  access to charter schools and vouchers as well as other items . Members of the Cape Girardeau School Board were notified that the new legislation is concerning in an extensive multimedia presentation at their regular monthly meeting on Monday. The matching measures, House Bill 349 and Senate Bill 55, are currently in committee and officials hope neither one of the bills go to the floor for a vote. Officials say the expansion of charter schools  is one of the most concerning issues facing them because there are lawmakers out there who want o take resources away from public school systems and pass the revenue to all other schools and this is not a direction they want to go. Officials gave the responsibility to the school district’s technology instructional specialist to assemble information on how current charter schools compare to public schools and, specifically, the Cape Girardeau district. Data has revealed that ever since 2014 there have been a total of forty-two charter schools in Missouri and just twenty nine are currently in operation, officials say. Officials say public schools outperform charter one’s across the whole board by 10.4% in the performance of their students and they do it at a cheaper price. The board members were presented with data which revealed that Cape Girardeau Public Schools currently  spend a total of $10,300 to educate each student and charter schools spend an average $2,389 more.

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