Kentucky Government Officials Recommend all Schools Return to Some Form of Classroom Learning

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear recently confirmed that he is issuing a new executive order which makes the recommendation that schools across the state offer or expand some form of in-person learning starting on Monday. Officials say that if district personnel haven’t concluded heir vaccine series by Monday, the order recommends some form of classroom instruction take place  one week after they’ve gotten the second vaccine.  Officials say they foresaw that the safest way to expand opportunities for regular classroom learning is to vaccinate all of the state’s school personnel.  Officials say the Kentucky Department of Education issued a 136-page manual, KDE COVID-19 Guidance 2.0, to assist with the  transition back to classroom learning and they say it  guides schools through planning school-related student travel; administering spring state testing; operating schools after teachers and staff are vaccinated among several other things.

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