Cape Girardeau County Commissioners Listen in on Presentation About Proposal on Limestone Ridge Project

The new electricity transmission line which was put forward connecting both Cape Girardeau and Perry counties is on track to start at the end of the calendar year of 2023. Cape Girardeau County commissioners listened to a presentation by officials with Ameren Transmission regarding the proposed Limestone Ridge Project. Ameren Transmission, in a partnership with Alliance and Citizens Electric Corp., is putting forward a new, approximately fifteen mile one hundred thirty-eight -kilovolt (kV) transmission line which will connect two new substations in Cape Girardeau and Perry counties. In addition, this project also put forward the expansion and reduction to two currant substations that are owned by Wabash Valley and maintained and operated by Citizens Electric. Ameren Transmission officials are hoping to have the project in service by December of 2023.  Officials say the reason they are doing this project is to make energy reliability better for businesses that are locally owned and provide more energy support to local manufacturing facilities. They also say a good, strong transmission system does assist with economic growth. Ameren officials are planning to utilize 100- to 160-foot-tall, 138kV galvanized steel monopole structures that possess the potential to run a 345kV circuit in the future.  Every one of the monopole spans 800 to 1,000 feet and would require six of seven structures for every mile. Anyone who wants to find out more information about the project can visit

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