U.S. 45 Ohio River Bridge Now Open to Traffic

The U.S. 45 Ohio River “Brookport Bridge which is between Paducah, Kentucky, and Brookport, Illinois is back open to motorists. The bridge had been closed since February 10 because of icing on the metal decking.  Due to temperatures being above freezing on Monday morning the remaining ice melted from the bridge deck. The U.S. 45 Ohio River “Brookport” Bridge reopened to traffic just after 2 p.m. on Sunday. The bridge is located at McCracken County mile point 12.882. The 10-span bridge carries around 5,000 vehicles across the Ohio River each day between the city’s of Paducah and   Brookport. Because of this the bridge has a fifteen ton load limit.  The bridge is currently restricted to vehicles no more than eight feet wide and has a nine foot six inch vehicle height restriction, which prohibits the majority of commercial trucks and doesn’t allow STAA Trucks.  In addition, any Farm equipment and permitted loads are not allowed to go across the bridge.

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