Winter Storms Responsible for Freezing Temperatures and Large Amounts of Snow in Region

A couple of major winter storms brought single-digit temperatures, wind chills, double digits in the negatives and a significant amount of snow to the region over the past week. Officials with the National Weather Service say Monday’s storm dumped between five to nine inches of snow in eastern Cape Girardeau, Scott, Stoddard and southern Butler counties, while western Cape Girardeau, Perry, Bollinger and northern Butler counties received nine to twelve inches and additional storms on Tuesday and Wednesday brought an extra one to two inches of snow in Cape Girardeau, Perry, Bollinger and northern Scott counties. Southern Scott County and northern Stoddard and Butler counties got an extra two to three inches of snow, while southern Stoddard and Butler counties got three to four additional inches. Temperatures started dropping into the single-digits on Sunday, with temperatures as low as three degrees in the Cape Girardeau area. The Cape Girardeau area experienced below-freezing temperatures for the past eleven days starting on February 7, 2021. . Temperatures could rise above freezing as early as Saturday.

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