Construction Underway on New Fire Station in Millersville

The town of Millersville Missouri will have a new fire station that is larger and contains more space by the beginning of August.  Ground-breaking ceremony took place last Wednesday to officially start the project. Local voters in the fire district voted to approve a $900,000 bond issue on June 2, 2020, after the postponement of the general election on April 7 2020 because of the COVID 19 pandemic Local voters had previously turned down the bond issue request in November of 2019. The new station will take the place of Millersville’s Fire Station Number 1 that was constructed back in 1977. The current fire station has only three bays and is too small to house modern fire trucks. The new station that is under construction will have four bays that are larger and the current fire station is deteriorating as well and the repairs that it needs are two costly. The new station is being built at the intersection of Market Street and County Road 482, just up the hill a short distance from the current one.

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