Spread Hope Now in Sikeston Open to Those in Need

Cold temperatures are moving in for the rest of the week across the region and this makes for chilly days and freezing nights. One nonprofit in Sikeston has opened their doors to all those of the general public who are currently in need. Officials say the Warming Center is a place where individuals can come and they can enter and have a hot meal and a hot shower. The facility has opened to those who are currently in need to provide basic amenities and individuals can receive some clothing and they can get their clothing washed, officials say. In addition, individuals can get warm gloves and scarves and hats. Officials say they feed them dinner and they also give them a warm place to sleep and the following morning they give individuals a hot breakfast and pack a lunch for them, so they have a safe place to stay. Officials say individuals can stay for as long as they need to until they get on their feet. Officials say they attempt to direct individuals to different agencies that will assist them in getting housing or to help them get, sometimes their identification is missing and things like that. The Warming Center is open from 6 pm to 8 am when temperatures fall below freezing.

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