Cape Girardeau’s Value of Construction Was Greater in 2020 With Fewer Permits Issued

The city of Cape Girardeau issued a total of   222 building permits during the last calendar year, seventeen fewer than the 239 issued in each of the previous two years. The estimated project expenses covered by those 222 permits, however, were more than combined value than all the permitted projects in the previous two years. Statistics that were collected by officials with the city’s Development Services Office, the estimated value of the 222 commercial, residential and miscellaneous building projects during the last calendar year had a total value of $109,838,306.  Meanwhile, the total value of construction projects for 2018 was 40,298,740 and the following year’s value was $69,275,039 for a combined total for those two years of $109,563,779, or $274,527 less than last year’s total. City officials issued a total of seventy-seven permits for new single-family homes in 2020 with an estimated value of $19,909,355 for an average cost per project of $258,563.  In regards to the commercial category, the city of Cape Girardeau issued a total of twenty-six permits for new commercial building projects last year that had a total value of f $52,718,810 plus an additional forty-seven permits for commercial remodeling projects, with an estimated construction value of $21,871,063.

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