Cape Girardeau’s New City Hall Project Moving Along

A planned total cost of $12 million is now projected at around 12.5 million and the project is now expected to be completed by October 1, 2021. Members of Penzel Construction of Jackson, the design-build general contractor are redesigning the old Carnegie Library and the former Common Pleas Courthouse and being these to facilities together with this project.  The new building will have a parking garage of 44 North Lorimier Street. Delays to-date has been caused by unanticipated bedrock excavation and COVID 19. Officials say they’ve had some men, some key guys, missing for a week or two here and there because of the coronavirus and this has pushed everything back about a month. Along with the bedrock excavation, what is also pushing the price higher than expected is a new generator, officials say. Officials said they had hoped to repurpose their generator at the current City Hall, but its age and parts availability made this an unwise decision. The additional funding for the new unit will not be taken from taxpayers but from extra casino available funds, officials say. Weather hasn’t been much of a factor until recently, but bad weather in the past month has caused work to slow down some, officials say. They also say they are taking two non-A.D.A. (Americans with Disability Act) accessible historic structures with different floor elevations and constructing a new facility to be between them. Officials say nobody wanted d ramps so crews will have an elevator with five stops. In addition, officials say they have a lot of effort has been put in o match the original brickwork in the old library as well as the antebellum courthouse, which dates to 1854. Work was slated to begin Wednesday to put up e structural steel for the new connecting facility and officials say this process could take up to a month to finish. In connection with the with the new city hall project, $2.25 million in street and sewer improvements have also started. Necessary upgrades to the sewer re also included in the $2.25 million for upgrades along Lorimier that official say will be paid for out of the city’s sewer fund. City officials are planning o sell the current city hall at 401 Independence Street once vacated, officials say. They say the city will likely start ome furniture and equipment to the new site before Penzel is totally finished with the project.

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