All Jury trials in Missouri’s 32nd judicial circuit have been suspended until the end of May

This is due to risks from the COVID-19 pandemic. Court officials found thatat because of cases of COVID-19 in the area; it’s not safe to resume jury trials.  Officials are currently working alongside victims of sexual violence and child physical abuse who are also having delays with the court system because of the pandemic. Officials say “It’s just sort of prolonging that time period where they are attempting o get justice for what happened to them or their family members and receiving closure during trials is a big part of their healing process.. Officials say they understand the risks. So, it’s sort of just, lose lose situation. They say they are not asking the court system to put people at risk but it is really difficult on these families who’ve already probably been waiting months. Officials say they want to make sure it’s safe for everybody and they are frustrated d just like everybody else. This circuit includes Cape Girardeau, Perry, and Bollinger counties. Officials say the Cape Girardeau County Clerk, dating back to 2011, there’s an average of 22 jury trials a year in Cape Girardeau County.

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