Jackson’s Board of Alderman Make Adjustment to the City’s Current Ledger

Members of the Jackson Board of Alderman recently gave their approval to several thousand dollars -worth of adjustments to the city’s 2020 budget in order to correctly reflect true income and expenditures. Officials say they are required by law at the end of the calendar year to explain where the city’s budget had overages and in some areas more money was  coming into accounts than what was budgeted for and in some cases the city had more expenses. Officials say examples include, when the city paved more streets in the last calendar year that they didn’t plan on and this increased street maintenance expenses by more than $250,000. On the bright side of things, many accounts including the public safety sales tax account, the fire protection sales tax account, and capital projects construction account. The two taxes and the projects construction account had surpluses amounting to  $333,000, that officials have transferred into other accounts, such as the general revenue fund.

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