Cape Girardeau Schools to Adopt New Learning Management System

Officials with the Cape Girardeau School District have been extraordinarily busy in the eleven months since the pandemic started. The Tigers@Home virtual program has provided many students the opportunity to study and file coursework online from the comfort of home and now, with the coronavirus not abated, officials are beta testing Canvas, a new learning management system (LMS). Officials say Southeast Missouri State University’s  decision to switch to Canvas from the Moodle LMS for their students during this semester is assisting to drive the timing of the district’s move to make the same transition. Officials say several schools s now use Canvas and the rationale isn’t difficult to learn. Officials say students can adjust to whatever system the district has and Canvas is simpler to utilize than the system they currently have for both educators and parents. Moodle, when it comes to navigation (and) will save teachers in the district hours of time and Canvas will be utilized by grades five and above. Google Classroom will still be used for kindergarten through fourth grade. Officials say the new system contains a  grade ‘pass back system that can post a student’s marks  right into the district gradebook and this new system will  also make it simpler for parents to read announcements and  keep up with  their child’s academic performance real time.

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