The Missouri National Guard and Local Health Officials Hold COVID Vaccination at Show ME Center

A COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic took place at the Show me Center on Friday, as part of the ongoing effort to get the Pfizer vaccine into the bodies of high-risk individuals. The clinic that took place on Friday is a partnership between the Health Department and the Missouri National Guard. Officials say they think there is a spirit of collaboration and cooperation working together in order to make the most accessible and available vaccination opportunities for local citizens in the community as possible. Officials also say it is very humbling and very good feeling to know that they’ve been able to receive this vaccine in the first place, and actually being able to put it into individuals arm’s in the second place. There are three separate stations for individuals who are coming in to get their dose of the Pfizer vaccine. There is one to do paperwork, one to receive a dose of the Pfzier vaccine from a registered nurse and a watching station for those who have received the vaccine to be monitored to check for symptoms. Officials say they are scheduled for their second dose clinic on February 19, 2021.

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