Two New Bills Approved in Missouri House of Representatives Support Adoptive and Foster Families

Families who provide stable home to children who are in need would receive more financial help under the first two pieces of legislation that gained approval from the Missouri House of Representatives for the 2021 legislative session. By a vote of 149-0, the House approved House Bill 429 that would authorize an income tax deduction for state taxpayers for costs related to providing care as a foster parent. This bill would authorize a deduction of $2,500 for a person d $5,000 for a married couple if foster care is provided for a minimum of half a year. Officials say he income tax deduction will let  foster parents use these extra funds to provide for the children they foster, and will enable additional families to foster who might otherwise not  be stable to do so. House Bill 430 was approved by the House by a vote of 155-0. This bill would broaden the state’s existing $10,000 tax credit to any adoption. As of right now,  the credit applies only to Missouri taxpayers that adopt special needs children. The legislation would still give priority to special needs adoptions. Both of these bills now move to the Missouri Senate for consideration.

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