The Currant Sewer Rates for Jackson Residents Compare Well to Others around the State

A recent study that was revealed to members of the Jackson Board of Alderman at their most recent study session revealed that the current sewer rates in the city of Jackson currently compare favorably to similar communities in the state.  The city’s current wastewater sewer rate for their customers who utilize around 5,000 gallons of water ever month currently stands at $30.25. This rate will increase a little at the end of this month mirroring a 2/3 percent rise in the country’s consumer price index. Officials compared the city’s monthly sewer rates to about twelve other municipalities in the region  and elsewhere in Missouri and they found  2020 rates for 5,000 gallon/month users were as low as f $24.95 in Kennett to as high as $59.61 in Moberly. City officials say there are additional ways to fund a municipal utility other than just user rates and some cities in the state utilize sales or property taxes to fund the (wastewater) utility (and) some cities  charge different rates for commercial or industrial users. This study revealed that rates were a little higher in Cape Girardeau.

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