Southeast Missouri State University to Receive Almost 4.1 million in Federal Money to Proceed with Tunnel Work

Southeast Missouri State University is getting $4,094,371 worth of funding in order to fix and restore some of the university’s sixty-six underground tunnels that run more than 2.2 miles underneath the main campus in Cape Girardeau. The money will be utilized to make deferred mechanical, electrical, plumbing and information technology repairs to five tunnels in two different phases starting in May and the project will continue until summer of 2023. The opening phase of the project will be on a long tunnel that currently runs under Normal Avenue to the old Dearmont Hall, officials say. They also say Dearmont has been utilized to house university students who are quarantined due to COVID 19. The second phase of the project will be scheduled on four tunnels that run from Serena Hall to Academic Hall as well as from Academic Hall toward the University Center, officials say.  The university was able to finish work this past summer on five more tunnels that were part of a total of fifteen underground passages identified two years ago as the most important priority to make infrastructure better. The tunnel work that was completed during the last calendar year included fixing pipe that was falling and stanchions along with spalling concrete, emergency bolstering of ceilings and adding lighting. Governor Parson made the announcement about   the release of the funds on Wednesday to Southeast Missouri State University as well as a dozen universities’ in the state and the State Technical College. This funding will assist in providing necessary support to public universities around the state just as they have done for communities around the state officials say.

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