Man Identified in Cape Girardeau Apartment Burglary

On Tuesday, 01/05/2021 at 5:21 PM Cape Girardeau Polices Officers responded to the 500 block of South Spring Street for a report of a disturbance. It was reported that an adult male with a handgun and a female with two children had forced their way into an apartment and were acting erratically. Officers responded quickly and were able to disarm the male at gunpoint without injury. Officers also recovered the two children safely from the mother. Upon investigating the matter, Officers were quickly able to determine that the couple was acting erratically as they both were under the influence of an illegal substance. Officers then learned that the couple had forced entry into two apartments, the male had recklessly brandished a handgun in the direction of parties present and property damage had occurred inside the residences. Officers noticed that the female was bleeding from a laceration on her arms as a result of a recent cut she sustained during the incident.The male was then identified as Arlandre T Newsom. Newsom is a 25 year old male from Cape Girardeau. Newsom was disarmed of his weapon and peacefully taken into custody without incident while the female was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Newsome is currently being held at the Cape Girardeau Police Department on charges of Burglary 1st degree, Endangering the welfare of a child, Unlawful possession of a firearm (convicted felon in possession of a firearm) and Unlawful use of a weapon. Newsom’s bond has been set at $30,000.00 cash only. This is the second incident within the past week in which a Cape Girardeau Police Officer has come into immediate contact with a suspect who was armed with a handgun. During both instances, Cape Officers have been successful in their efforts to peacefully apprehend the suspects and recover their firearms.


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