Cape Girardeau County’s Unemployment Rate Remains the Same in October and November

The most recent county-by-county unemployment numbers that were revealed by officials with the Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations revealed that Cape County’s unemployment rate held steady in November. In the majority of local counties the percentage of unemployed workers started going up from their October levels.  Cape Girardeau’s unemployment rate was 3.3 percent in both October and November and it was almost as low as the county’s unemployment for February which was 3.2 percent. This was prior to the coronavirus pandemic that caused the closure either temporarily or permanently of several businesses and cost millions of people their jobs. Evan though Cape Girardeau’s unemployment remained the same in October and November the number of  local residents that filed for unemployment claims went up  slightly from 327 in October to 355 in November.  The total number of initial claims filed in November was just a fraction of the record of 5,011 filings in Cape County in April, that was the first whole month  of the pandemic when Cape Girardeau County’s unemployment rate rose to it 9.5 percent.

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