Local Non- Profit Organizations Apply to Receive Federal Funding

A few local non-profit organizations in Cape Girardeau County will be receiving federal funding that will be put towards food and shelter services. Officials say some Cape County residents need extra help right now and during this time of year when its cold people need help with electric and utility bills. They say in addition to their basic needs individuals also need assistance paying their rent. Officials also say because of the coronavirus they are really struggling and these are hardworking individuals within the local community. United Way and other local organizations decide how to divide up over twenty-four thousand dollars received for this latest funding round. Officials say there are organizations out there that are assisting with food and housing and utilities, they encourage them to apply. Officials with the Safe House for Women say they apply for funding on a yearly basis, but they are unsure how much money they will receive. This funding is solely available to non-profits and government organizations in Cape Girardeau County that work with food and shelter programs. The application deadline is January 13, 2021.

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