Officials with the Illinois Department of Transportation Announce an Extra $300,000 Worth of Funding for Muti Model Station

City officials in Carbondale recently announced an extra $300,000 worth of state funding will go towards the Southern Illinois Region. This extra money is from the Illinois Department of Transportation and boost’s their part to SIMMS to $2.8 million. Officials say the city of Carbondale has been working with the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Transit office for the past five years to plan for this project and they appreciate their long-term commitment to the City and together with their BUILD grant that was awarded last year the City has now secured $16.8 million in funding for SIMMS. This grant money will be utilized for the design and construction of the center and he demolition of the current Amtrak station. Construction on the transportation center is projected to start in the spring of 2022. And conclude in 2024. The transportation station will be located in the downtown part of Carbondale on the eastern side of South Illinois Avenue.

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