VA Anticipates Covid-19 Vaccine Arrival

The John J. Pershing VA Medical Center is expecting a preliminary supply of COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the year.  Officials say the first doses could arrive as early as next week. After the initial vaccinations are administered, veteran patients will be contacted and offered the opportunity to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine.  Officials stressed that scheduled appointments are the only way for individuals to be vaccinated at VA.  “We ask that our Veterans not put themselves at risk by coming to the medical center to be vaccinated until we have contacted them to confirm an appointment,” said DeWitt.  Upon activation of the vaccination appointments, the vaccine will be administered in the medical center’s main lobby, which will be organized to ensure education and clinical assistance are available throughout the process. The vaccinations will be administered to individuals in two doses, with the second dose occurring one month after the first.  Resistance to the virus is expected to be approximately 55% after the first dose and around 95% after the second.  Recipients are still encouraged to use precautionary measures such as wearing masks and physical distancing when around others, frequent hand washing, and minimizing trips to public areas.

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